50 Multiple Choice Questions


50 Multiple Choice Questions

1. The base pairing between gaonine and p ol forms hydrogen bonds.

a) One

b) Two

c) Three

d) Four

2. DNA strands twist around each other in a —– spiral.

a) Right handed

b) Downwards

c) Left handed

d) Upwards

3. One end of a DNA polymer contains hydrOxyl group on deoxyribose at– end.

a) 5′

b) 3′


d) 8′

4. The production of RNA copies of the DNA is called as –

a) Transfusion

b) Transcription

c) Translation

d) Transportation

5. amino acids must be employed to encode the proteins.

a) 10

b) 20

c) 25

d) 30

6.—- awarded Nobel Prize for this work of genetic code in 1968.

a) Khorana

b) Holley

c) Nirenberg

d) All of these

7. Nucleotide consist of —– codon AAA specified amino acid.

a) Proline

b) Lysine

c) Cytosine

d) Cysteine

8. mRNA carries genetic information encoded as a ribonucleotide sequence from –

a) t-RNA to m-RNA

b) Chromosomes to ribosomes

c) None of these

d) Ribosomes to nuclcotides

9. The amino acid is jointed by its carboxyl group to the 3′ OH the tRNA by — bond.

a) H-bond

b) Covalent bond

c) Peptidebode

d) Ester bond

10 Purine bases are —— and—–.

a) Adenine, cytosine

b) Adenine, guanine

c) Adenine, thymine

d) Adenine, uracil

11. The aggregation of genes is a population called as –

a) Gene group

b) Gene pool

c) Gene mutation

d) None of these

12. The proportion of allele in gene pool are compared with other alleles at same locus called as –

a) Gene frequencyy

b) Gene equilibrium

c) Gene location

d) Gene aggregation

13) The study of frequencies of genes is a natural population called as

a) Population frequency

b) Population inheritance

c) Population genetics

d) None of these

14) The process of formation of new species is called as

a) Generation of species

b) Speciation

c) Evolution of species

d) Aggregation

15) The population consist more than two subpopulation called-

a) Stratification

b) Speciation

c) Isolation

d) None of these

16) Gene frequency is not dependant upon dominant or recessiveness but remain unchanged essentially or be conserred from one generation to next demonstrated by –

a) Hardy and Mendel

b) Mendle and Weinberg

c) Hardy and Weinberg

d) Darwn and lamark

17) Human beings having— no of chromcsomes.

b) 46

a) 23

c) 44

d) 22

18) Total chromosomes of human beings were arranged in ——groups.

a) 4

b) 8

c) 7

d) 10

19) The human beings having –

a) 22 pairs autosomes and XX

b) 22 pairs autosomes and XY

c) 22 pairs sexchromosomes and a auttosomes

d) Both (a) and (b)

20. Henophilia is disorder related to –

a) Colour blindness

b) Hair on ear

c) Blood coagulation

d) Night blindness

21. Following is not a sex-linked inhentance.

a) Hemophilia

b) Night blindness

c) Colour blindness

d) Blood coagulation

22) In case of twins, two zygotes are formed called as-

a) Dizygotic twins

b) Zygotic twins

c) Identical twins

d) All of these

23. When Urine of patients became black when it comes in contact withair this disease called as

a) Melaninism

b) Albinism

c) Alcaptonuria

d) Phenylketonuria

24. Albinism is due to —-

a) Absence of melanin

b) Absence of biluribin

c) Presence of melanin

d) Presence of hemoglobin

25. Some cells takes from fetus from amniotic fluid with the help of hypodermic needle this technique called as –

a) Gene therapy

b) Amniocentesis

c) DNA finger print

d) Antenatal diagonosis

26. Defective genes replaced by normal functional gene called as –

a) Embryotherapy

b) Genetherapy

c) Patiant therapy

d None of these

27. First DNA fingerprinting was used in –

a) Mumbai

b) Madras

c) Kalcata

d) Delhi

28. —- is called as “Royal Disease”.

a) Colourblindness

b) Albinism

c) Hemophilia

d) Anemnia

29. Sexual abnormality in male is characterstics of —— disease.

a) Turner’s syndrome

b) Klinefelters’ syndrome

c) Down’s syndrome

d) None of these

30. Turner’s syndrome shows –

a) 45 chromosomes

b) 46 chromosomes

c) 47 chromosomes

d) 44 chromosomes

31. Mangolism was described by

a) Turner

b) Klinefelter

c) Down

d) Jeffreys

32. Transformation was first demonstrated by –

a) Lederberg

b) Stanley

c) Leslie

d) Griffith

33. Transfection is introduction of —- into eukaryotic cells.

a) Foreign DNA

b) Foreign RNA

c) Nucleus

d) Ribosomes

34. First transgenic mouse created by injecting a gene for a rat growth hormone into mouse embryo is –

a) 1992

b) 1982

c) 1984

d) 1995

35. —is a process by which DNA transferred from one bacterium to another by a virus.

a) Transformation

b) Transduction

c) Conjugation

d) None of these

36. Bacterial conjugation is transfer of genetic material between bacterial cells by

a) Cell to cell contact

b) Cell to nucleus contact

C) Nucleus to cytoplasm contact

d) All of these

37. Conjugation process discovered in –

a) 1942

b) 1946


d) 1956

38. The mistages is transition from virus lysogenic to lytic cycle called as

a) Generalized transduction

b) Lysogenic transduction

c) Specialized transduction

d) None of these

39.— are the examples of inter-kingdom transfer.

a) Non-stalk algae

c) Rhizobia

b) Anabina

d) E-coli

40) The replication of DNA occurs and the repair of broken DNA molecule occurs due to —

a) DNA ligases

b) Restriction endonuclease

c) DNA polymerase

d) None of these

41) Morgan was awarded Nobel Prize for advocating the theory of genes in–

a) 1930

b) 1933

c) 1938

d) 1941

42) Genetic engincering also called as –

a) Gene cloning

b) DNA Cloning

c) Recombinant DNA technology

d) All of these

43) Smith, Nathans and Arber were awarded Nobel Prize in —- for discovery of endonucleases.

a) 1965

b) 1975

c) 1978

d) 1986

44. Base sequence of DNA molecule is known as

a) DNA sequencing

b) DNA replicating

c) DNA repairing

d) None of these

45.—– are used as a probes for the identification of giycoproteins.

a) Antibodies

b) Antigens

c) Lectins

d) Ligase

46) Polymerase chain reacton technique deveioped by –

a) Cohen

b) Nathanl

c) Kary Mullis

d) Garod

47. —- a pain killer is derived from bacteria.

a) Urokinase

b) Endorphin

c) Interteron

d) Protropin

48. Transfer of gene for improvement of a specific trait is animal called –

a) Germ-line gene therapy

b) Somatic gene therapy

c) Enhancement genetic therapy

d None of these

49) In young embryo a functional gene is transícrred through micro-injection is –

a) 1988

b) 1998

c) 1995

d) 1980

50. Viruses consists of capsid and Nucleic acid

a) Capsid and Nucleic acid

b) Nucleic acid and Protein

c) Capsin and Protein

d) All of the above

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