What are waxes Explain with example.


What are waxes Explain with example.

Ans. These are esters of long chain saturated and unsaturated fatty acids with long chain monohydroxy alcohols. These are the secretive and are mostly protective in nature. They resembles with fats and usually in solid fonn.
Waxes are inert due to their saturated nature of the hydrocarbon chain. They can splits slowly with hot alcoholic KOH.
They are insoluble in water and highly resistant to atmospheric oxidation.
Uses :
These are used in polishing furnitures, in wax coated paper used to wrap perishable food products.
Ex. Lanolin, bees wax, carnauba wax and spermaceti wax.

Most of the waxes are mixtures of esters as :
1. Spermati and bees wax are composed of palmitic acid and hexacosanol or tricontanol.
2. Carnauba wax consists by fatty acids esterified with tetratricontanol.
3. Lanolin or wool fat consists of palmitic, oleic or stearic acid and ester of cholesterol.

Functions of waxes :
1. As a protective, to keep skin pliable, lubricated and water proof.
2. Hair, wool, fur and feathers are also coated as it acts as water repellent.
3. It serves as chief storage foms of fuel for marine organisms (whale).

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